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End Grain Cutting Boards

These endgrain cutting boards are as functional as they are beautiful.  Theses are constructed to be used, but they are just as at home being displayed as art on your counter top.

Cheese slicing boards

Why buy slied cheese when you can slice your own on any one of these stunning and unique boards.

Boards with handles

These boards are as at home hanging on your wall waiting to be used as they being used for cutting and serving.

Cribbage boards

These colorful woods and an artful splash give a real boost to an age old game.

Show your love of your state and your passion for cribbage with this three player board.

Wisconsin cribbage

Beverage coasters

These end grain coasters make it possible to have unique and intricate patterns. These are sold in sets of four and six and have a matching holder.

saplele and maple

These end grain coasters are available in both four and six coaster sets. Shown here made from sapele and maple with matching holder

white oak purpleheart

These white oak and purpleheart coasters are available in either 4 or 6-coaster sets with matching base.


These end grain are made from ample, walnut, and hickory


shown here walnut and maple


shown here as a geometric design in walnut and cherry


A chaotic design shown here in white oak, maple, wenge, walnut, and paduak


Two sets of coasters in a geometric design. One set in maple and cherry, the other in maple and walnut

Bottle openers

Everyone needs to open a bottle at sometime , so why not do it with style. These are made of a variety of hardwoods and all with stainless steel hardware.

bottle openers
bottle opener
bottle openers
bottle openers


Clipboards with and artful splash. These eye catching clipboards will start a conversation anywhere they're seen.