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What is Cherry Tree Wood Works

I have been a woodworker for over 20 years, making items for my home, my friends, and for gifts. A need for a new podium at a local Middle School prompted me to make a gift of my love of woodworking and one of a kind wood art.  What you see here is the result of that love of woodworking.

I've been asked where my passion for woodworking came from, and I will admit that I grew up at the knee of a true master wood craftsman, my father.  He created with a chisel, carving knife, and file, and virtually without power tools.  What I learned was that the desire to achieve perfection was more important than actually reaching it. While perfection may never be reached, the human need to learn and grow will motivate until perfection can be reached.    With each custom project I create I strive to make it better than the last, and one that both my customer and I will be proud and honored to display and use.

My Concept:

It's simple – Cherry Tree Wood Works came to be so that I could share my ideas of what I find interesting and for you to be able to take them home if you share that feeling too.

What I Do:

From a rough-sawn board, a beautiful cutting board, trivet, bench, or custom piece, emerges. I will do whatever is necessary to coax the beauty from within: planing, measuring, cutting, gluing, shaping, sanding and finishing. The majority of these items are natural, meaning I do not use stains or dyes, when it comes to items that are food-contact products.

I purchase the lumber from reputable local dealers, so I know that the supply chain is in compliance with the import laws regarding lumber. They are almost exclusively purchased from local sawyers who are well versed in forest management.  Some of these sawyers are harvesters of the urban forest. Trees that instead of being ground into chips and taken to landfills, are now turned into beautiful lumber for a variety of products.  From time to time, I have used re-purposed wood for customers special orders. In these cases, re-purposed wood does not mean pallet wood. They have been reclaimed doors and windows turned back into beautiful cabinets and furniture.

With every project their is the unavoidable scraps.  These are the the saw dust and shavings, and the pieces of wood too small to be usable.  These do not find their way into the landfill. Instead those items are either compost for garden beds, or warming the homes and fueling the campfires of friends, neighbors, and family.

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