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Welcome to Cherry Tree Wood Works


We take pride in the creation of attractive, unique wood products. We make our products so that they can be used in your everyday life, admire them inside your home, or display them as a treasured keepsake on a shelf. We use 100% natural materials and products made from Midwestern hardwoods such








Red Oak


White Oak


Nearly all of the domestic woods come from trees in southern and central Wisconsin, and processed by local sawyers.

We occasionally use some lesser known exotic woods as accents to the more traditional woods, These exotics are from Africa, Central and South America and Mexico. These exotics are purchased from a reputable dealer, to be sure that every piece of lumber purchased is logged legally and responsibly. Among these exotic woods are:











Cherry Tree Wood Works products

The list is representative of the products we make, all of which can be customized to whatever wood you choose.


The list of products we currently produce is as follows:


Bottle openers

Business Card Holders

Candle Holders


Cribbage Boards


Charcuterie Boards

Cheese Board

Cutting Boards

End Grain Chopping Boards

Grill Scrapers

Lazy Susans

Pizza Peels



We use mineral oil and blends of other ingredients for Butcher Block Oil and Cutting Board Conditioner.

Caring for a wooden item is easy! You can click here find care instructions, or in the tab above under "documentation" for complete, comprehensive and simple instructions. Wooden cutting boards have been proven, by several major universities, to be safer than plastic cutting boards in terms of bacteria. Please read the "Wood vs. Plastic" article under the documentation tab for more information under "Wood vs. Plastic." With minimal care, your wooden items will last many years and can be passed on to your children.

We invite you to visit the site often, as the list of items will grow. As it does, they'll be posted on the website. Like what you see? Please like us on Facebook.  We also do special orders and custom work,  so if you have a vision, or a picture or drawing of something you would like to own, We would like to help you to achieve that vision.

Just e-mail and we can get started on your project today!


Cutting Boards and more.....

Our Cutting Boards,  Cheese Boards, Chopping Blocks, and any product made for contact with food are made from food safe wood​s, and finished with food grade mineral oil


custom furniture and more.....

Our furniture is made using fine hardwoods, and  using-time proven joinery such as mortise and tenon, and dovetail joinery whenever possible.

Cheese slicer

These cheese boards are made with select hardwoods of maple, cherry, hickory,  and walnut,  finished with food grade mineral oil. Cutting wires are stainless steel and are replaceable. 

Contact Cherry Tree Wood Works to see what can be done for you!​

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